Knowledge Oman has created, facilitated and supported a diverse range of initiatives driven by its passion to empower. As an investor in people, the organisation enables knowledge-based initiatives with the support of strategic partners across the public and private sectors. 

Previous projects included the C3 Social Enterprise Accelerator program, the Knowledge Ambassadors program, introducing the first community KO school free e-learning courses, the KO online library to promote a reading culture, the online platforms OmanVideos.com and local social network OmanWall.com, the iCommunity blog of community articles, the Show Your Potential program that guides participants to qualify for Microsoft certifications, and more. Click here for previous initiatives.

Partner Events

Knowledge Ambassadors

Be a Knowledge Ambassador - Be a Change Agent

Click here to volunteer as a Knowledge Ambassador, supporting the transfer and accessibility of knowledge across the nation.

Host a Knowledge Ambassador - Facilitate Knowledge Sharing

Click here to submit your request of hosting a Knowledge Ambassador session, facilitating the opportunity for knowledge sharing and capacity building.
Through We-Community, Knowledge Oman extends customized collaborations to entities seeking to reach out to the community. We join hands in supporting organizations to achieve sustainable community impact and engage its workforce and network with the community.
We-Community includes the following opportunities for organizations:

- Employee Volunteering programs
- CSR project development
- Expert community project support
- Return on Social Investment impact assessment

With Private-Public Partnerships we enable further impact through integration of diverse sector capacity in service of the Omani community. Sustainable development depends on initiatives that are continuous and consistent to reap the fruit of its benefits for the nation.

 Contact us for the We-Community opportunity.