KnowledgeOman.com Organizes Social Media in Business Seminar June 14th

KnowledgeOman.com, the leading knowledge-based community platform in the Sultanate, is bringing together leading businesses and experts to share the benefits and methods of using social media in Oman. Held on Tuesday14th of June from 7:15pm to 9:30pm at Al Walee Building in seeb, the Social Media in Business seminar is part of the free community seminars initiative at KnowledgeOman.com led by Jamal Al Asmi and Nashat Al Riyami, in collaboration with the Omani Women Association Seeb. The seminar explores the benefits of social media, showcases Omani businesses boosted by this platform, and presents an expert panel lively discussion with the audience.

Tariq Al Barwani, Founder and President of KnowledgeOman.com, notes, “Social media has become an integral tool for the business due to the benefits it brings today. We are pleased to host a seminar specifically for businesses to discuss their experience and achievements on the information superhighway, the internet.”

The seminar features prominent speakers from businesses around Oman that successfully use social media as they share their personal insights. These include Darren Barrett, Program Manager at Hi FM, Mohammed Al Shikely, Senior Marketing Manager at Oman Air, Bader Al-Hinai, Marketing Assistant of Oman Sail, Nawaf Al-Yarubi, Business Owner of Oxygen, Dr. Shaima Darwish, Business Owner of Twinkle, and Janan Abdul-Latif, Business Owner of Sweet Sensations.

“Social media requires a cultural shift in the way we do business. Perhaps it’s the resistance to change that is the reason why some businesses have been wary about utilizing this powerful real-time communications paradigm. It’s not simply a platform and it’s not just about signing up for an account. It’s a way of being truly caring about your customer and exchanging with them on the subjects that are dear to their hearts,” says Jamal Al Asmi, KO Seminar Facilitator.

Nashat Al Riyami, KO Project Developer at KnowledgeOman.com, adds, “In today’s world, more people are engaging with brands and this is the time to leverage those conversations through social media. Our aim through the seminar is to raise this awareness in ways that would benefit businesses in Oman.”

Nearly half of the Omani population is using the Internet in Oman according to the Internet World Stats. This number is fast growing along with internet enabled devices. Combined with the fact that fewer people now trust advertising and instead trust more the recommendation of other consumers, creates a case for businesses turning to the social media world.

The audience will additionally be able to question and probe a number of social media professionals including Hafidh Al-Maskari of WSI, Maurizio Monte of MPiRe, Mohammed Tammami of Tammami Networks, Mariam Al-Alawi of Soshteck Oman, and Ross Baird of Design Depot.  This brings a unique opportunity to get together and exchange with some of the best and brightest in the industry. Attendance is free for all community members, with more information online at KnowledgeOman.com, enabling a platform for the exchange of knowledge, shared learnings, and community empowerment.

The KO community seminars organized by Jamal Al Asmi, KO Seminar Facilitator, and Nashat Al Riyami, KO Project Developer, are in line with the various knowledge-driven initiatives launched by KnowledgeOman.com with its multi-national team of volunteers. The seminars are free for the community, created for the progress of the nation and the people, both locals and residents alike.