KnowledgeOman.com Awards Leading Members with MVM Award

KnowledgeOman.com, the leading knowledge-based community platform in the country, has awarded its distinguished team members Anne Collins, Tomy Bosco and Mohammed Al Abri with its prestigious Most Valuable Member (MVM) Award for their notable achievements in the past year. The competitive annual MVM award recognizes community efforts from the team and encourages talents as role models in the country. 

“We are honored to award our leading members as a way to celebrate their achievements and encourage others to follow their footsteps. KnowledgeOman.com is based on volunteer work and realizing the mission of a knowledge society, which has in turn attracted a diverse team leading various initiatives and effectively contributing in the community,” said Tariq Al Barwani, President and Founder of KnowledgeOman.com. 

KnowledgeOman.com is currently home to a team of over 60 volunteers and more than 9,000 members. Team members from various backgrounds come together, benefiting from a learning platform to work on real life projects that impact the country, develop their skills and team work, build their leadership, and receive recognition in the market and society for their community achievements. 

Rym Aoudia, Head of Community and Media Affairs, adds, “At KnowledgeOman.com we nurture community talent and welcome a multinational team. By awarding these achievements, we encourage personal and community development, while highlighting the value that volunteer work generates for the country’s progress.” 

The MVM awardees Anne Collins, Tomy Bosco and Mohammed Al Abri have each contributed to the mission of a knowledge society. Anne Collins, from the community and media affairs team, contributes in bringing forward unique projects and success stories from the country to be featured and to facilitate community ties.  Tomy Bosco has led the operations of the KO English interface with the team of moderators and contributed in the site’s development. Mohammed Al Abri has contributed to the KO Arabic interface with the Community Speaks initiative, event participation and team of moderators. The MVM winners represent community building and difference making. 

Established in April2008, KnowledgeOman.com launched as a volunteer community initiative, connecting people to create, share and promote knowledge across the Sultanate. Since its establishment, KnowledgeOman.com has successfully ventured in online and offline initiatives, receiving an award winning status locally and internationally, collaborating with various organizations, rolling out community learning projects, and continuing to enrich its knowledge sharing platform reaching both the English and Arabic speaking community.