KO Founder Honored with Visionary Leadership Award at Knowledge Management Summit 2014

Tariq Hilal Al-Barwani, founder and president of Knowledge Oman, the leading community knowledge sharing platform in the Sultanate, has been honored with “Visionary Leadership Award” at the Knowledge Management Summit 2014 in Banglore, India. The Visionary Leadership Award is prestigious recognition presented to individuals that can choose a future, formulate necessary strategy and inspire a team to reach exceptional personal goals for materializing the vision.

“Tariq’s vision was to create a platform that brings knowledge closer to the society. Today that vision is a working reality of members, projects, and partners that contribute to valuable knowledge sharing in the Sultanate” said Dr L, R Bhatia, Knowledge Management Summit Conference Director.

Tariq founded Knowledge Oman (www.knowledgeoman.com) as a community organization in 2008 and created a diverse team of local and expat community living in Oman who passionately work voluntarily together to promote knowledge across the Sultanate. Knowledge Oman has launched innovative projects, partnered with local and international organizations and have supported a number of initiatives that focuses on promoting and sharing knowledge across the country.

The Knowledge Management Summit is an international event aimed at recognizing professionals, practitioners and leaders from the society that set an example of being a role model through practice and leadership. The awards also recognize individuals behind the institution who are building their Institutions through leadership, innovation, professional excellence and industry interface with a supreme objective of building future leaders. The Knowledge Management Summit is strategically partnered by CMO Council USA and CMO Asia.