Topic of the Week: Are we a Reading Nation?


I was taken aback by a scene in the waiting area in the place where you get to renew your driving license. The place was crowded with Omanis and one European guy. What was strange is that this European guy was the only person holding a book and reading while others are complaining about the crowd, or just starring around!


How did we create this distance between the book and us, after history has announced us among the fastest nations in developing human resources?


Are we suffering from intellectual indolence or are we too poor to buy a book?!

Why is it still weird for us to carry or read a book in public places?

Let’s Read camp, The Reading Festival, The Annual Book Exhibition and other projects that are made with great efforts, sometimes are crowded with people buying books that end up at unread at the book shelves. What is it that we need to do to integrate the value and behavior of reading among ourselves?




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