Knowledge Oman Announces New President

Knowledge Oman, the leading knowledge-based community platform in the country, has appointed Rym Aoudia as the new president of Knowledge Oman succeeding the founder Tariq Al Barwani who has presided since formation from April 2008. This transition builds on the strategic growth and expansion of Knowledge Oman as a people-driven organization.

“With successful milestones over the past years and a leading community brand that is home to over 15,000 members, it is paramount as an organization to extend new leadership opportunities part of the Knowledge Oman journey and elevate leadership capacities. Rym Aoudia is a proven leader who has been with us from the initial year and has the experience and energy to lead Knowledge Oman to the future.” notes Tariq Al Barwani, Founder of Knowledge Oman.

Knowledge Oman, founded in April 2008, initiated a number of projects with local and international partners such as Microsoft, Nokia, ITA, Ministry of Education of Oman, OITE, London Speaker Bureau, Dar Al Atta, and various colleges and universities that impacted the society through training and promoting knowledge across the Sultanate. Knowledge Oman has received local and international awards that includes the Brand Leadership Award and the Outstanding Contribution to the Cause of Education Award.

Rym was previously the Senior Vice President at Knowledge Oman and has been involved in its operations and strategic direction since December 2008. She was involved in expanding Knowledge Oman into the community sector, establishing the Knowledge Ambassadors initiatives, leading the knowledge-sharing public seminars, introducing iCommunity platform, steering partnership agreements and shaping the media presence.  Rym holds an MBA degree, an M.A in Literature and a B.A in Language and Literature with further certifications in training and social innovation. She has work experience in the communications and marketing industry, the management consultancy industry, training and coaching, and in community development.

The new presidency role effectively rolls-out on 1st of November 2014 with a two-year presidency rotation. Further to the new direction, Tariq is positioned as the adviser of Knowledge Oman while focusing his strength on further promoting education and supporting student initiatives and projects within the college and universities in the Sultanate. The newly formed advisory group currently includes Tariq Al Barwani and previous Senior Vice President Khalfan Al Mahrazy.

Rym Aoudia states, “I’m deeply honored to take up this responsibility and grateful for the opportunity to further make a difference in the lives of the people and the country. Together as a team we are to leverage on current opportunities, scale up within Oman and abroad, and set-up a system and model to sustain and measure impact. Future plans for Knowledge Oman include a network of local chapters, teaming with embassies for exchange knowledge sharing initiatives and a Knowledge Summit where representatives from various industries are highlighted.”