CAR REVIEW: “My Pride, Toyota Land Cruiser”


Ask Chris Hamilton, an engineer residing in Oman, why he has a Land Cruiser 70 and he replies that this Four Wheel Drive is truly special.

‘My car reflects my personality hence it has to be something that I feel good to be seen in.  It is no less than a lifestyle statement. ’

My Toyota LC 70 not merely offers me value for money but also the pride that comes from owning one.  Not to mention the Reliability, ruggedness & strength that is the core of the Brand.

Mr. Hamilton depends on his LC 70 for his everyday use..Practically everywhere, “I am always using my LC…    Nothing else will do!”

He adds that the LC 70 “…. Gives me excellent, exhilarating performance, top notch safety and long-term durability”

This also adds up to his line of other Land Cruiser 200 turbo diesel that he Pre -owns and uses as his family vehicle, that has taken them to Europe and North Africa too. Till date he has owned 11 Land Cruisers in Zimbabwe and Oman.

He has driven along with his family in his LC 200 the whole of Middle East starting from Muscat  – Saudi – Jordan – Syria – Jordan – Egypt and Sudan studying Middle East history the whole trip was about 14000 kms, which has been done in Just 18 days!


For over past 40 years, the legendary Land cruiser Soft-top, a powerful weapon in Toyota’s arsenal has grown to a symbol of proven toughness and reliability in hardest of circumstances. It has built a reputation for utility, reliability and excellent performance in
diverse driving environments. This vehicle has a reputation for being virtually indestructible amongst their owners and in the market place.

The vehicle’s powerful 4.0L, V6 EFI, VVT- i engine with excellent air intake characteristics smoothly generates a whopping 228 horsepower (SAE net) and flexible torque at all rpm.

A sturdy and yet flexible suspension improves on its rough terrain capabilities. The suspension features coil springs in front and half–oval leaf springs in the rear, offering both comfort and ample load support. The chassis rigidity is ensured by the world-class strong ladder-type frame with box-shaped cross sections.

The Land cruiser Soft top is offered with a Part time 4WD with optional dual mode automatic locking hubs that allows quick and
easy switching between 4WD and 2WD mode without exiting the vehicle. From mountain trails to desert tracks, on the highways of the world, the Land Cruiser has satisfied millions of customers over the years largely due to its unmatched suitability both as an off-road and highway vehicle Comfort and functionality are given the top most priority on Land cruiser Soft top.

The spacious cabin with a firmly supportive driver’s seat and ample legroom allows the driver to drive comfortably with maximum control and minimal body movement. The Soft Top’s 7 seater capability ensures that the comfort is second to none. The Front Bumper, radiator grille,
Headlamps & Fog lamps, Fenders makes sure that is has that tough 4WD looks. Features that enhance the overall looks and impart improved manoeuvrability.

In addition, the overall comfort levels have been taken to new heights. The LC Soft top now has an Air conditioner with enhanced performance, Audio system for better listening pleasure and front intermittent wiper for easy usage. Toyota’s approach to safety – Active & Passive safety measures include strategically placed controls, clear visibility, crush safety body absorbs and disperses impact energy thereby ensuring higher safety to the occupants.  The seat belts, side impact beams, high mount stop lamp and fog lamps will supplement the safety measures. The new model has further augmented the safety levels with improved Power steering mechanism

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One thought on “CAR REVIEW: “My Pride, Toyota Land Cruiser”

  1. TuturQbul September 26, 2015 at 1:50 pm

    HELL YES! Ive wheeled with one borfee on a recovery mission in Wyoming. It was the only truck that didnt get stuck in the mud lol. After we got the truck out and got back off the trail, the cruiser decided to clean his brakes out in the river. Had to stop going up stream when the water was going over the hood lol. Good times and these things are BEASTS .