OmanWall.com attracts half a lakh visitors

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The Sultanate first and leading bilingual social media platform, OmanWall.com, has attracted 56,988 visitors since it has been launched earlier this year in January 2011 according to the duo behind the platform, Tariq Hilal Al-Barwani and Khalfan Al Mahrazy. OmanWall.com website was created specifically for both the English and Arabic speaking community, connecting people in Oman from youths to professionals through the benefits of social networking technology.

“We created the platform back in January as a reason for people in Oman to connect electronically to create, publish, and exchange information, pictures, videos, music, and also play games with other registered members online. What differentiates our platform to other social media sites is easy access to a local support team for any issues a member has with his or her account in addition to other facilities such as entitlement to seminars, courses, and sessions that we offer periodically for free.” said Tariq Al-Barwani, founder of Omanwall.com

OmanWall.com offers a rich social networking experience, with features ranging from blogs, photos, polls, groups, videos, quizzes, events, music, bulletins, and marketplace. Members of OmanWall.com also benefit with the offerings of free e-learning courses, news updates, community seminars, and competitions.

“Little we knew that our less than a year old website would create a lot of interest and hits to our server. We have over 2,500 registered members already and the regular visitors have crossed half a lakh since the day we launched. This is amazing and we are proud of it” exclaimed Khalfan Al Mahrazy, Omanwall.com administrator.

The duo has also enabled Omanwall.com to be accessed via dedicated link specifically developed to allow all wireless and mobile phone users to connect, view and stay in touch with friends and family anytime. The mobile friendly link can be viewed easily on a wide range of mobile devices that are enhanced with wireless data access (GPRS/EDGE/UTMS/3G) through the main domain link www.omanwall.com

Registering in OmanWall.com is free and open for everyone in Oman to signup.