KnowledgeOman.com Introduces Solution-Focused Seminar on Youth Leadership and Motivation

KnowledgeOman.com, the country’s leading knowledge-based volunteer initiative, is bringing the community together on October 19th in Middle East College of Information Technology (MECIT) to explore issues in youth leadership and motivation as part of its country-wide seminars initiative. With youth being one of key driving forces for the country’s development, the seminar will shed light on how youth can establish direction and achievements in their lives from distinguished speakers Ahmad Al-Harthy, Tariq Barwani, HH Mayya Al-Said and Khalid Al Rawahi.

“We are honored to share our experience and knowledge and to have on board unique individuals that will join us in motivating and empowering the youth towards attaining success and making an impact in their communities,” said Rym Aoudia, Head of Community and Media Affairs at KnowledgeOman.com

Ahmad Al Harthy, firmly established as one of the Middle East’s most talented sportsmen and Oman’s shining light in global motor racing, will reveal the hard work, focus and personal story of how he managed to reach podium finishes despite not having many facilities to train in Oman. Additionally, HH Sayidda Mayya Al-Said aptly known by her friends and customers as “The Sewist”, is a career woman turned housewife turned entrepreneur who knows what it takes to follow one’s passion, embracing the challenge of running a start-up company doing something she loves even if against the odds. She will talk on the importance of taking risks, teamwork and facing challenges.

The KnowledgeOman.com ‘Youth Leadership and Motivation’ seminar further covers topics including goal setting and how to establish a positive mindset. Questions addressed through the speakers and audience interactions touch upon finding one’s passion in life, achieving dreams, dealing with pressure, being confident, and establishing a vision in life.

Tariq Al Barwani, recipient of the technical leadership award from the largest software company in the world (Microsoft) and brand leadership award from the World Brand Congress, will share ideas and tips on achieving and maintain excellence. Khalid AlRawahi, a trainer and coach with diverse academic experience as well as career  backgrounds in both Engineering and Human Resources, will also share his wealth of knowledge on how to establish a vision and goals for life.

With an exciting and dynamic program lined up, the KnowledgeOman.com Youth Leadership and Motivation seminar, held from 6:45pm to 9:15pm at Middle East College of Information Technology, is free for the public to attend. The KO seminars facilitated by Jamal Al Asmi, Community Learning Facilitator, are a platform for the exchange of knowledge, shared learnings and building community ties, free for all with online registration at knowledgeoman.com/seminar.
All are welcome to be part of this initiative and to contribute to the knowledge-driven platform.