Quartz phoneShield now available in Oman

Realizing the risks people face when exposed to direct EMR, Quartz phoneShield and Wi-Fi Shield finds a way to reduce the negative effects of EMR. The Shields are officially registered as Class 1 Medical devices with the executive agency of the UK Department of Health and proudly bears the internationally certified CE mark. The Shields are cleverly designed to be compatible with all brands and models of mobile phones, PDAs, PCs, Laptops and practically all Wi-Fi devices and electrical products in the market today. Able to last at least five years, this product requires no complicated setup, and is easy to get started.

Quartz Shields have been technically described as “crystal oscillators that use the mechanical resonance of vibrating crystals to create electrical signals. They contain a processed matrix of natural quartz crystals which characteristically possess piezoelectric properties that develop an electric potential upon the application of mechanical stress; this occurs when the Shield is attached to an electronic device such as a mobile phone or Wi-Fi device. As a result, a stress response stimulates a protective reaction and intrusive elements are intercepted, diffused and reconverted into healthy energy”.

Younis Al Farsi, Managing Director of Grafik Zone LLC, and someone who has secured the exclusive distribution rights for the Quartz phoneShield and Wi-Fi Shield here in Oman and across the Middle East says, “The reality is that we will all continue to use our mobile phones, laptops and other Wi-Fi devices because they offer so many advantages and benefits against old technology. However, as a health professional, I am very aware of the dangers of the profusion of electro-magnetic radiation in our environment and so anything I can do to alleviate the risks to my own family and fellow citizens across the Middle East is important to me. The quartz phoneShield and quartz Wi-Fi Shield products allow us to take the necessary precautions whilst continuing to enjoy the great benefits of new technology”.

It is important to protect yourself and your loved ones from the dangers of EMR, and the best way to do this is to install the Quartz phoneShield and Wi-Fi Shield in your home and at work.

For those interested in the product can contact the exclusive Middle East Distributor and Managing Director of Grafik Zone LLC Younis Al Farsi on ysalfarsi@hotmail.com or call on 99226112. For more information on the product you can go to www.phoneShield.co.uk