KnowledgeOman.com Expands With Bilingual Community Seminars

KnowledgeOman.com, the leading knowledge-based community platform, has paved a renewed direction with its community seminars initiative now held in both an Arabic and English platform. The community seminars are set to cater to various segments of the country, both nationals and residents from various countries. The series of planned seminars for the year will showcase both local and regional speakers and remain free for all to enable the exchange of knowledge in the country and community development.

"Since the roll-out of the first seminar, KnowledgeOman.com listened to the community and collected feedback. We are accordingly introducing Arabic-based seminars to complement the English seminars and bilingually cater to areas that contribute in building the nation and the people," says Rym Aoudia, Head of Community Affairs and Media at KnowledgeOman.com

Jamal Al Asmi and Ali Al Farai, appointed in the KnowledgdeOman.com team to facilitate the community seminars, come from extensive experience of public speaking, training, and community engagement. Jamal overlooks the English seminars while Ali overlooks the Arabic seminars working closely with other volunteer team members.

Ali Al Farai, leading the new series of Arabic seminars, notes, "The purpose of launching the Arabic seminars is to grow an even wider reach and to make strides towards our vision of transforming Oman into a knowledge based society. The Arabic language itself contains much of the local knowledge that makes our culture and understanding of the world unique. It defines us."

With the 2012 seminars roll-out, the first event of the year is on January 17th at Middle East College of Information Technology, with the topic of 'Wellbeing and Life Balance'. The event invites prominent speaker and member of the state council Sheikh Khalfan Al Esry to share his knowledge on the topic and engage with the audience.

Jamal Al Asmi, adds, "The next seminar on Wellbeing and Life Balance will help members achieve what is probably the most important thing in life, and that is how to spend your energy and time. It is too easy to get in the rut of old routines. This seminar will give people a chance to switch off for three hours and reflect at the amazing possibility of reshaping one's life in a much more fulfilling way."

The KnowledgeOman.com seminars continue to grow with impact across the country as an open knowledge-sharing platform, now presented bilingually in 2012 to further extend the community outreach and benefit a larger number of people.