Success of Knowledge Oman Presented in an Academic Study

The first of its kind case study has been written and presented about Knowledge Oman (www.knowledgeoman.com), examining how this leading knowledge-based initiative developed a unique community entrepreneurship model driven entirely by volunteer work. The Knowledge Oman success case study has been presented at the Oman Symposium on Management 2012 at the Ibra College of Technology. Authored by Dr.Manishankar Chakraborty, Faculty Member of the Business Studies at Ibra College of Technology along with Ms. Rym Aoudia, COO of Knowledge Oman, the paper further highlighted key factors that distinguish Knowledge Oman as a contemporary virtual organization in setting an exemplary standard for the country and internationally.
“The impact that drives Knowledge Oman forwards ranges from its people-inspired volunteer culture to its work approach and innovation. This has caught the attention of the academic world to study our case and share the learning of our success with other academicians and professionals. This is an honor for all of us at the team and has brought me great pleasure to support in authoring this case study about Knowledge Oman. ” said Rym Aoudia, COO of Knowledge Oman. 
The study examined the unique community entrepreneurship model developed and implemented successfully through bridging the divide between the knowledge haves and knowledge have-nots entirely with a volunteer team to realize the vision of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said of making Oman a knowledge society. This reviewed the unique business model of Knowledge Oman, its organizational structure, and the leadership and management skills of the team. 
“The excellent initiative of Knowledge Oman as an organization provides academicians the practical food for thought so as to imitate the model in the larger interests of the global society at large, especially in a networked, knowledge centric world. " said Dr. Manishankar Chakraborty, Faculty Member- Business Studies, Ibra College of Technology.  
A number of students and faculty members along with professional practitioners, academicians, academic administrators, and students attended the session that highlighted the significance of the unique model developed by Knowledge Oman.  
Knowledge Oman (www.knowledgeoman.com), since its launch in 2008, has received local and international recognition for its difference-making in the country. Most recently Knowledge Oman has been honored with the prestigious "Outstanding Contribution to the Cause of Education" Award at the World HRD Congress 2012 in Mumbai in line with its mission. This is in addition to being awarded the International Best Standard Technology portal in 2009, and in 2010 recognized with the Brand Leadership award accolade at the Global Brand Congress