Knowledge Oman Presents “Importance of Language in Intercultural Communication” at AlBayan College

Knowledge Oman, the leading community and knowledge sharing platform in the country, presented a session on the importance of language in Intercultural Communication at AlBayan College premises recently for the students and staff members. The session was conducted by Hilal Al Mamari, Communications Manager at Knowledge Oman. The session further engaged students and staff with interactive discussions.

"The Omani society is diverse with its cultural backgrounds, making it crucial to raise awareness and instill skills in this area. This age of globalization witnesses an uprecedented ease and flow of communication between people around the world from different cultures," said Hilal Al Mamari.

Hilal Al Mamari, having a professional background in language, translation and cultural and educational exchange, and the Academic Director of Study Abroad program for American students in Oman, presided the session by defining language, culture and intercultural communication. He then discussed the vital role language plays in communication between humans, especially humans of different cultural backgrounds. Communication between two or more cultures may build bridges of understanding, and may as well be a vehicle for conflict and misunderstanding if not done effectively. The audience enriched the topic with comments and questions throughout in light of the local context.

Mohammed Raghib, Head of Marketing and Events at Albayan College, thanked Knowledge Oman and the speaker for their valuable contribution. The dean of the college, Dr.Jasim Jabr, was also introduced to the community initiatives of Knowledge Oman.

Knowledge Oman conducts a series of lectures given by experts and specialists in a variety of fields at colleges, educational institutions, associations and other society centers around Oman to further spread knowledge across the country.

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