Knowledge Oman holds Annual Ramadan Iftaar Gathering


Knowledge Oman recently brought together members and families for a community iftaar as part of its annual Ramadan tradition. The community iftaar fostered a family interaction among its members who all voluntarily contribute to the award-winning knowledge sharing platform, coming from various backgrounds and nationalities.

The iftaar was attended by Knowledge Oman CEO & President Tariq Al Barwani, members of the top management and teams from the corporate, media, operations, and technical divisions of the organization.

“Bringing everyone together under one roof to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan reinforces our values and commitment towards the mission of volunteer work and difference-making,” commented Khalfan Al Mahrazy, Vice President of Knowledge Oman.

The annual Ramadan Iftaar tradition has been held since Knowledge Oman was established in April 2008, welcoming members, their families and guests to come together, Members expressed their appreciation for the event and their gratitude to the community bond.

This year, Knowledge Oman is also holding special Ramadan initiatives, including Ramadan Photography competition in partnership with Emax, the biggest multi-brand electronics store in the Middle East, to portray aspects of the experience of Ramadan in Oman, along with daily discussions on a variety of topics featured in social media. The blessed month of Ramadan embodies the opportunity to celebrate the community success achieved and renew the team spirit always represented in Knowledge Oman’s work.

Knowledge Oman (www.knowledgeoman.com) is uniquely driven by the community, entirely run voluntarily by a team in Oman coming from different backgrounds, nationalities and professions of both private and public institutions. With over 15,000 members, Knowledge Oman is a recipient of various prestigious awards and a place for all who are keen about knowledge and community enrichment.