Knowledge Oman Supports 4th Eid Gathering for Children

KnowledgeOman, the leading community and knowledge sharing platform in the Sultanate, has extended support as one of the sponsors of the “EID GATHERING FOR CHILDREN” event hosted by Farq team, affilitaed with Nizwa club. The event is all set and scheduled to run this month starting the 20th to the 24th of August. The main objective of the event is to bring smiles and happiness to children and their families during the Eid festivities.

Tariq Al Barwani, CEO & Founder of Knowledge Oman, says, “The Eid Gathering brings the community a local festival that spreads joy to children and families and connects people together. We at Knowledge Oman are pleased to support such valuable initiatives with the 4th Eid Gathering event for the Children.”

A number of activities are in plan for the Eid Gathering for Children event including an open stage for children to showcase their talents, water games activities, electric games, workshops and a place for social organizations as well.

Farq team has been running different activities and is considered as a core part in the village. It runs social, cultural and sports activities. Over 8000 participants from the whole region of Dhakhiliya have participated in the Eid Gathering event in the past years.