Knowledge Oman Recognizes Women Leadership in Community

Women leadership in Knowledge Oman, the leading knowledge-based community platform in the country, is a testimony of the progress made by women in the country and their strategic role driving forward key initiatives in the organization serving the vision of His Majesty towards a knowledge society. Knowledge Oman since its launch has empowered women from various professions and backgrounds with an open community platform that celebrates achievements, encourages talent, and enables a positive difference in the Sultanate.

Tariq Hilal Al Barwani, President & CEO of Knowledge Oman, says, “Knowledge Oman offers many opportunities for women to join, participate and make a difference. Today we are proud that women in the team have been the cornerstone of our success, leading and sustaining the majority of our projects. Without them we wouldn’t have reached where we are today.”

Women at Knowledge Oman have spearheaded various projects that received magnificent recognition for their role. This included the Knowledge Ambassadors project with a network of speakers sharing their knowledge across the country, the creative charity event with donations that benefit specific community causes, the community interviews initiative that supports local achievements, the seminar project that brings a series of community seminars by expert speakers, the community partnerships, the community feedback system, the Ramadhan giving campaign, the e-learning course development, the media initiatives, the establishment of the Arabic platform led during the launch phase, the online platform community engagement, and among others of women-led initiatives.

Rym Aoudia, Chief Operations Officer at Knowledge Oman, adds, “We’re very happy as a team of women in Knowledge Oman to be recognized for the projects we undertake for the community. The platform for women to innovate and prosper in Knowledge Oman is paramount and we welcome all women to join this difference-making platform.”

Knowledge Oman has previously organized a women only gathering in Sultan Qaboos University, which contributed in establishing strong relations amongst the team and collectively discussing their role and way forward. Established in April 2008, KnowledgeOman.com received an award winning status locally and internationally, collaborated with various organizations, rolled out community learning programs, and continued to enrich its knowledge sharing platform with over 15,000 members reaching both the English and Arabic speaking community.