Knowledge Oman Highlights Role of Social Enterprise

Knowledge Oman, the leading knowledge sharing platform in the country, participated in the SME Beyond Borders event recently held in Al Bustan Palace, Muscat, under the patronage of H.E. Dr Rasheed Bin Al Safi Al Huraimi, Chairman of the Tender Board. Knowledge Oman in a talk delivered by the president Rym Aoudia highlighted the changes in the SME landscape and importance of considering social enterprise part of the national agenda to cater to both social and economic development. 

"SME development is critical for the prosperity of the Sultanate, and we see the need to highlight awareness on integrating social consciousness into the business model where the three P's of People, Planet, and Profit are catered to as the social return on investment." notes Rym Aoudia, President of Knowledge Oman. Adding, "This is the future direction, and this is the need of the hour." 

The SME Beyond Borders is a regional GCC initiative dedicated to assessing SME issues and featuring keynote speakers form the highest echelons of government and the private sector. The event aims to give clear, portable guidance to SMEs and provide highly practical input on planning and recommendation. Segments included the role of Entrepreneurs in delivering the public sector economic vision and Delivering growth strategies in today's market. 

Knowledge Oman has also conducted a free Social Enterprise starter program at the National Business Center, creating awareness on how to make money doing good. In collaboration with the dubai-based C3: Consult & Coach for a Cause, the Social Enterprise session gathered participants from the entrepreneurial and business community in Oman as well as academia and government. 

Established in April 2008, Knowledge Oman has taken the lead in diverse knowledge-based initiatives both online and field-based through a network of volunteers. Knowledge Oman is currently expanding to be of service for the growth of social enterprises in Oman and becoming a springboard for community members to launch their own initiatives for the country.