Knowledge Oman Iftaar Connects Community Members

Knowledge Oman, the leading platform of knowledge-sharing and social impact in the country, brought together its team members for an iftaar gathering of team bonding and fostering the spirit of service and community care. The Knowledge Oman community iftaar nurtured discussions on service to the community and ways to keep growing as a team and supporting one another.

“The core values of such team gatherings is to build a strong team to achieve better results and keep us united as a family so that we have a friendly environment which will help us to work effectively and successfully. The iftaar gathering in particular helps strengthen the social fabric,” says Aneeqa Abdulghani, lead of team engagement activities at Knowledge Oman.

The Knowledge Oman iftaar gathering celebrated the talent of the team coming together from various backgrounds, experiences and nationalities that collectively contribute to making a difference in the Sultanate through various initiatives and programs. New team members were also welcomed part of the iftaar gathering. Talks were given by Tariq Al Barwani, Chairman of Knowledge Oman, and Rym Aoudia, President of Knowledge, focusing on strength and talent of the team, history of Knowledge Oman and the vision ahead, the impact of community work, and opportunities for further outreach and growth.

Team engagements are an important component of Knowledge Oman to nurture and connect the community members that serve the country. Various activities are planned throughout the year, including recent outings of a team breakfast, ice skating, bowling and team game challenges. Knowledge Oman has also held various Ramadan activities across the years, including competitions, knowledge-sharing learning and inspirational series for the blessed month, and charity giving campaigns that extends support and value to the people. Knowledge Oman has been passionately serving the people and the nation through its programs, initiatives and partnerships since 2008.