Knowledge Oman & The Lounge Partner for Community Development

Knowledge Oman, a leading platform of knowledge-sharing and social impact in the country, signed a memorandum of understanding with the Lounge, a creative youth co-working hub, in partnership to bring the community learning sessions and internship opportunities that grow their talent and capacity. The MoU was signed by Ali Al Rahma on behalf of Knowledge Oman and Fatma Bahwan on behalf of The Lounge.
Ali Al Rahma, Vice President at Knowledge Oman, notes, “The partnership between Knowledge Oman and The Lounge provides a great opportunity for both platforms to share and promote knowledge and assist in development of the youth ideas and social entrepreneurship. This partnership is a long term partnership working together and growing together.”
Fatma Bahwan, Co-Founder of the Lounge, says, “An added-value of our partnership is to also promote social entrepreneurship in Oman through a series of seminars and sessions and bring real-world practical experience to our members.”
Knowledge Oman has already introduced two community seminars for the public at The Lounge, the first on Tourism and the second on HR & Learning Development. Both seminars zoomed into the industry and opportunities for SMEs in that sector with diverse speakers and experts sharing knowledge and engaging with public input. Knowledge Oman, established in April 2008, passionately serves the mission of enabling knowledge-sharing nation-wide and social impact through its programs, initiatives and partnerships.