Knowledge Oman Develops Social Entrepreneurs for Oman

Knowledge Oman, the leading platform in Oman for social innovation and knowledge-sharing, introduces a national initiative to create and train social entrepreneurs in the country. To kick-off the initiative, Knowledge Oman is launching a free public event on January 16th under the auspices of His Highness Sayyid Adham bin Turki Al Said to educate the public in the area of social entrepreneurship with a series of talks and workshops. Of value of the Knowledge Oman partnership with the international entity C3: Consult and Coach for a Cause, citizens and residents in Oman will also benefit from the C3 Social Enterprise Accelerator Program that offers an annual program of ongoing expert coaching and mentoring support on creating social impact and generating social solutions for the nation thru entrepreneurship.

"As Oman positions SME development part of its national agenda, it is paramount to equip the country with the know-how and tools of social entrepreneurship skills which pave way for sustainable development where both economic and social impact is generated for the country. We believe in the importance of enabling youth and entrepreneurs to innovate in this area for Oman and are honored to have tied up with the leading entity C3 to work together in this mission and to team with local organizations in Oman in accelerating this growth," says Rym Aoudia, President of Knowledge Oman
The Social Enterprise Starter event in January 16th is open for the general public, hosting speakers on social entrpreneurship and offers sessions on understanding what social entrepreneurship is and the basics of starting a social business. The event is free through registration at www.knowledgeoman.com/event held in Muscat.
HH Sayyid Adham bin Turki Al Said, states, "The increase of social enterprises in Oman is a positive and necessary trend, as societal transformation grapples with various needs and wants. Social enterprise can act as a catalyst to this transformation through providing solutions often to problems or issues overlooked by other institutions. There is great scope for social enterprises to create value-added in Oman as entrepreneurs fill gaps and niches that benefit society. They are more likely to create innovative solutions that better appeal to society compared to traditional enterprises."
In addition as Knowledge Oman brings to Oman the C3 Social Enterprise Accelerator program participants will benefit from a growing support network of over 500 corporate volunteers, coaches and consultants to provide coaching and expert mentoring across the year based on each social entrepreneur's specific needs along with learning sessions and networking. The program welcomes potential social entrepreneurs, current entrepreneurs who wish to adopt a social mission and current social entrepreneurs seeking to scale-up and grow.
Knowledge Oman, established in April 2008, serves the mission of enabling social innovation and knowledge-sharing nation-wide through its programs, initiatives and partnerships. Knowledge Oman is a leading platform that accelerates, nurtures and initiates social innovation for the country by enabling success of local community-driven ideas and enabling capacity building.