OmanVideos.com Launched

The first interactive bilingual community video sharing platform has been launched OmanVideos.com.OmanVideos.com is a new website that allows visitors from any part of the world to register, view and easily upload videos self created, remotely or embedded to the website. The website is a new section of the leading community portal, KnowledgeOman.com, that puts the portal in a position to compete globally with leading social media platforms such as youtube.commyspace.com and facebook.com to name a few.

Tariq Hilal Al-Barwani, founder and president of KnowledgeOman.com said “We are very proud to launch a unique video sharing platform in Oman. The uniqueness of our product is it allows people in Oman to create, share and exchange educational related videos online created locally and are shared electronically all over the world. Our goal is to ensure that talents in Oman is projected internationally”.

Online video sharing platforms have become one of the most visited and fastest-growing websites in the world. Many websites internationally adopt and integrate video-platforms services across all industries including media, entertainment, enterprise, education, healthcare and academic their websites. YouTube.com, a video sharing platform company based in San Bruno, California receives millions of visits a day. YouTube.com was bought by Google for $1.65 billion and now is part of Google as service.

Talal Al Farsi, IT Manager of KnowledgeOman.com said “OmanVideos.com is an open source media broadcasting and video sharing web application specifically created to allow thousands of videos of any format to be uploaded by its creators and viewed by everyone for free. We have been receiving a lot traffic already and expect this number to keep growing drastically.”

As part of the launch, OmanVideos.com kicks-off with a community competition with an opportunity for registered members to win instant prizes up to January 15th 2011. The criteria of the competition is to upload the most number of original self-created videos, either by their own video shooting or compiling a new video as original contributions. Monetary prizes will be distributed, with the first prize being R.O 50, the second R.O 35, and the third R.O 15. The objective is to encourage and promote various talents, with Omanvideos.com being a free community video sharing platform specifically created to allow creativity to nourish locally from the country.