Emotional Intelligence

“All learning has an emotional base.” -Plato

We know what the word emotional is as well as the word intelligence, but what exactly does it mean when you combine it together? Well this term can be used to describe the ability, capability or skill to regulate our impulses, sympathize with others and be resilient in the face of difficulties.

People who possess a high degree of emotional intelligence know themselves very well and are also able to sense the emotions of others in other we can say that they are sociable, resilient, and optimistic.

As we all know that when it comes to the time of recruitment, what do most organization emphasis on the candidate? Is it I.Q. or E.Q.? Well during the early stage of one’s career, a person needs the ability to perform the task he has been assigned with in an efficient manner which definitely requires higher I.Q. but as the person moves up through the ladder, getting more from his career this is where emotional skills are more critical in getting the cooperation and support from fellow colleagues. This is when the a new measure of ability termed as E.Q (Emotional Quotient) has been gaining popularity.

There are three basic components of E.Q which are: 1) Motivating Oneself. 2) Motivating Others. 3) Emphathizing with others.

The first basic component which motivating oneself which involves our own feelings and thoughts that help us to remain cool and get control of our self and in this way we inspire ourselves. While the other two components mentioned are interpersonal skills. It depends on your ability to get along with them that helps you to become a successful person. Not to forget that wind comes from different direction and what’s needed during this situation is that we have to adjust our sails to meet the challenges of the blowing wind and thereby reach our destination.

There are many benefits that can be achieved while developing your emotional intelligence as you can learn to become more productive and successful in what they do and not only for oneself but also help others become more productive and successful as well.

The process and outcomes of emotional intelligence development also contain many elements which are known to reduce to stress for individuals as well as the organization. You might be wondering how? Very simple! Firstly by moderating conflict, promotes understanding, fostering harmony and stability and not to forget it links strongly with the concept of love and spirituality.