KnowledgeOman.com Appoints an Online Community Strategist


With the continuous growth of KnowledgeOman.com, a new position is appointed of an Online Community Strategist under the KO management, welcoming Christudas Dai in this new role. This new position reflects the bigger plans of KnowledgeOman.com, having achieved various local and global recognition for its projects and initiatives.

Christudas hails from a rich background in the online industry, currently an employee at one of the leading automobile industries in the country, overlooking the web development and strategies of the business. He did his Engineering in Computer Sciences and later joined a software industry in Kerala where he had the chance to develop an e-learning application which benefited many students in the state. The application assessed the knowledge and capability of the students and helped compare with the performance of other students. Christudas later developed a business model along with one of the leading local newspapers in Kerala to effectively sell the same to the community, as his technical skills and business knowledge captured the majority of students and parents in the state.

As an Online Community Strategist, Christudas Dai is responsible for enhancing the online community strategies, direction and plans that are aligned by KnowledgeOman.com. He is also responsible for the development of the social networking aspect of the project.

KnowledgeOman.com, in its mission of ‘connecting communities with knowledge,’ is uniquely positioned with a team from various backgrounds and nationalities, volunteering for His Majesty’s vision of a Knowledge Society.