A Letter to my Omani Students

Dear Students,
The 40th National Day celebration is just over. Memories are still afresh in the mind of all the residents of Oman, be it an Omani citizen or the expatriate, about the grand celebration the country had to commemorate the 40 blessed years of the renaissance under the wise leadership of His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos Bin Said.
The seed sown by the great leader is bearing fruit as the country is now being globally accepted for the state of the art infrastructure, excellent healthcare facilities, an emerging educational and tourism sector, excellent relationship with all nations, a vibrant economy which could withstand the impact of the global recession with minimal impact vis-a-vis the bigger fall outs witnessed by many of the developed economies are few of the rapid strides made by the nation, courtesy the visionary approaches of His Majesty, The Sultan.
 In such a scenaio the country can only march ahead in the years to come and much of it depends on the generation next of the Sultanate of Oman.Yours truly is lucky to interact with these ‘students of today,professionals of tommorrow’ who would take this nation forward in the years to come, either as engineer, business manager or as  IT professionals. 
This open letter addresses them  to motivate and egg them on to leverage the opportunities offered by the government of this blessed nation, along with the growth pedestal available for one and all. New Year resolutions are to be made and fulfilled in the days to come, hence its the opportune time for a teacher to remind his students about the great contribution on their part so as to achieve Vision 2020 of His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos Bin Said.
Here are some of the triggers which the student fraternity can consider from all across the Sultanate so as to contribute their bit in taking this great nation forward-
(1) Leverage the opportunities- Sultanate of Oman is strategically placed so as to leverage the excellent relationship  the country has with the west and the far east. Add to it the support offered by various government bodies and ministries  to get an employment or kick start ones own business and the scenario is highly motivating and refreshing. Its time when the students should understand that these opportunities are dream come true as using them to the fullest would not only give them individual satisfaction, but also provide with collective happiness as together in unison everyone can propel the Sultanate to greater heights. The recent slowdown would only get better and the western economies are relying on the emerging economies of BRIC and GCC countries to bail them out from the downturn,so the time is ripe for one to leverage these opportunities to the hilt.
(2) Dream big- The students of today are the torch bearers of tommorrow. It is therefore very important for them to dream big and reach for the stars. Dreaming big should be followed-up by executing it to perfection as many of the dreamers are only successful in building castles in the air, which should be prevented at all cost. This precisely means to chart out a step by step plan consisting of the bigger aspirations.Breaking down the bigger components into small operational plans which can be achieved on a daily basis, would culminate in reaching the crescendo of the strategic or the ultimate plan.This would definitely give wings to the big dreams one is willing to achieve in the long run.

(3) Always take up the challenges- It is important for a person to tread the difficult path rather than take the one which is easy, simply for the sake of convenience. It is a known fact that a successful life and lucrative career cannot be built on a bed full of roses. The path would be full of thorns which one has to remove while walking down the career path and that would mean metamorphosing the so called difficulties into challenges further turning them around into opportunities. One has to develop the knack of thrving on challenges and falling in love with the same which would transform ones own persona thereby taking every pain with a tinge of smile.’There is no short cut to success’ would gradually be imbibed in ones thought process, which would help in reaching the milestones one after the other.

(4) Nation first- Omanis are known for the love they have for their country. This is one aspect that can be leveraged to the hilt especially when trying to chalk out a career. This would enable him/her with a dimension of contributing in his/her own small way towards the national growth. The fulcrum of nationalistic fervour behind the endeavour would enable the aspirant to take the path which is ethical, where one can make his/her own mark at the national and the international stage. It would also have a continuous motivation to do something for the country and that would mean walking that extra mile everytime.
(5)Proberial Jacks are the need of the hour-All students should try to be proverbial jacks and would therefore try to understand the basics of domains which may not be directly related to ones own.For instance, an IT professional should have rudimentary knowledge of business and management as it would enable him/her to look into his own area with a new perspective thereby taking his own thought process to a new platform altogether.The world today prefers generalists as all rounders are the darling of all industries.Even an entrepreneur need to have these abilities so as to manage his own venture.
(6)Sticking to the values- One should not deviate from the social values imbibed since childhood. A myopic approach of deviating from the core values imbibed from society, family and religion would not take a person far in ones life and career and therefore it is paramount to stick to those values even under the most trying circumstances. Finally, it would make the person battle hardened and enable him to withstand even the most difficult of the situations with ease on the underlying principles of strong values.
(7)Education with an application mindset-It is extremely important for the students fraternity entailing different disciplines to develop a hands on approach of educating self with an application mindset. Most of the concepts taught as part of the curriculam be it engineering, management, IT, medicine have real life day to day applications if one is able to decipher the bigger meaning of the concepts. It is crucial for the learner to understand the impact of whatever they are learning from a societal perspective so that they can not only bring in a difference in their own lives but also in the lives of their friends in the society.
For a teacher the biggest motivation is to see their students scale heights in their career and lives. This small epistle to all my Omani students intends to up their ante a bit and knowing their capabilities first hand, yours truly is sure that the professionals of tommorrow would definitely join the national growth carved out by His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos Bin Said with zeal and motivation, in a very big way.