Knowledge Oman Iftar unites members

Knowledge Oman, the leading knowledge based community platform in the country, brought together its volunteer team members for a community iftaar as part of its annual Ramadan tradition. The community iftar fostered a family interaction among its members who all voluntarily contribute to the award-winning knowledge sharing platform, coming from various backgrounds and nationalities.

Tariq  Hilal Al Barwani, Founder and President of Knowledge Oman, said  “Volunteers are an integral part of our community's prosperity and development. By coming together in Ramadan we celebrate the values of caring, giving and innovating for the progress of our society and further strengthening the team bond. The iftaar is a great opportunity to nurture the noble purpose that unites us all."

The annual iftaar tradition has been held since Knowledge Oman was established in April 2008, welcoming members, their families and guests to come together under one roof. Knowledge Oman has also held various Ramadan activities, including Ramadan competitions and quizzes, Ramadan learning series, and the Ramadan Charity Giving Campaign that extends support to the needy.

Knowledge Oman has also celebrated this year its 5th year anniversary, marking half a decade of service in the country through its volunteer network. With the success rendered over the years, Knowledge Oman has received both local and international recognition for its community projects and initiatives towards a knowledge society.