Partnerships for Society Symposium: Budget, People & Media

Under the patronage of His Excellency Sayyid Hilal Bin Badr Al Busaidi, Wali of Sohar, Tawasul is organizing aSymposium on Partnerships for Society: Budget, People and Media to be held on the 2nd of February, 2010 (from 9h am to 15h pm) at Sohar University. The Symposium will be in Arabic with simultaneous English translation and vice versa. Majlis A`Shura members, Media and Civil Society Representatives, Private Sector and University students are invited.

The Symposium aims at highlighting the analytical and investigative role of the media in raising societal awareness of and involvement in public life: State Budget and Five Year Plan as case studies. It also pursues to facilitate the creation of partnership between media, people and Majlis a’Shura members to institutionalize and strengthen popular participation processes. Khalid Al Haribi, Tawasul Managing Director stresses that: Moreover, the symposium aims to build bridges among different sector of Omani society.

Some of the speakers include Dr. Ahmed Jaafar Mehdi, founding member of the Environment Society of Oman and its Vice-Chairman; Hamad Al Musharrafi, who worked as Head of the Studies and Research Department at the Majlis a’Shura and participated in reviewing the draft state budgets in the Majlis since 2006; Fatma Al Arimi, Special Correspondent of Alam Aliktisaad Wala’mal; Hatim Al Tai of Al Roya Press and Publishing; Alexander Brazier, Expert in Parliamentary Systems and Financial Scrutiny (from Global Partners); Ahmed Othman, TV Presenter and Academician at College of Applied Science in Salalah.

The Symposium is part of Tawasul project called Media and Development Project focusing on a Human Rights perspective. The main objectives of this project are to sensitizing the media to Human Rights (HR) principles, values and processes and to enable the media to identify, determine and analyze HR dimensions in the issues and topics addressed and deduce appropriate approaches to streamline HR in their analysis and coverage. Moreover, the Media and Development project aims at enhancing responsibility and accountability of the populace in Human Rights development.

The structure of the Symposium in Sohar will be held based on case studies and papers regarding the themes related to be presented in the Symposium. Each main section will be followed by a Questions and Answers session in order to engage the dialogue among the participants.

Tawasul is a private think tank organization, established in July 2008 with the mission to empower civil society.  Core activities include: Capacity Building for civil society organizations and leaders, Conducting policy research papers, Organizing national discussion sessions, debates and seminars on key developmental issues pertaining to human development, and public participation as part of media outreach.