Knowledge Talks every Tuesday on Oman Radio FM 90.4

Starting Tuesday the 21st of January 2014, the official local radio station (Oman Radio FM 90.4) will air live educational radio show programme called “Knowledge Talks”, a programme in collaboration between the Ministry of Information and Tariq Hilal Al-Barwani, founder and president of Knowledge Oman.

“Knowledge Talks” is presented and hosted live by Tariq Hilal Al-Barwani who has been involved in a number of recognized local and international projects, business and community leadership. Tariq will be sharing his knowledge, expertise, experience, tips, tricks in addition to interviews in the area of business, information technology and community initiatives.

“This objective of this programme is to help people gain knowledge on different aspects of their life and career choices. We will invite specialists, experts, academicians leaders from the industry as guests who will share their knowledge that bring value to the society enrichment” said Tariq.

Knowledge Talks is a weekly LIVE one hour programme, every Tuesday from 5:30 p.m Radio Sultanate of Oman 90.4. FM. The live radio programme will also feature questions and answer session in which the listeners can call on 24602058 and enquire on any aspects related to the topics discussed during the programme.