Housemaids Cruelty


A friend had sent me this video showing an Asian housemaid mistreating a local baby of about two years put under her care as the parents went to work.


We always hear of housemaids being mistreated by their bosses and always shown live examples in the Television news and in the newspapers. But like everything in life – there are two sides to the coin – and what the housemaids do to the babies left to them to take care of are equally true!

No one is denying or marginalizing the abuses of the housemaids be it being done by just a few unscrupulous evil and cruel bosses in the houses – in many cases the insecure madams – and though the cases maybe isolated and few – especially in our land here – but equally the severity and damages are quite high! The poor woman has left her family (and children) to make a living for herself and her family by working for others and looking after other peoples’ children instead. They maybe poor people – but they have pride and dignity at best.

Try to imagine you losing everything you have in life – or your children going hungry – so you will be ready to do anything in life to see that they are fed. It happened to them – and it can happen to you too. Who thought corporations like Enron, Lehman Brothers and others recently going bust? See what we call The Developed world going bust? The demonstrations and the protests – and when the stomachs go hungry? Or people afraid and frustrated? The Property bust! God Works in mysterious ways. See the floods and disasters scenes unfolding in different parts of the word! No one knows what is more in store to unfold.

Many people think that I like to brag and beat my own drums in my column here. This is said to me by both friends and by adversaries – and especially by those who hate even the ground I am staying on! But this will never bother for me to say the truth – the way I see it – and I am ready to change my views and outlooks if presented with information, research and data which is different to my own.

The point I want to make is simple – I have an Asian housemaid too – and she has been with us since my youngest daughter was born! My daughter is now in University – but the housemaid is still with us – even though I cannot match some of the offers that she receives from others!

Frankly speaking too – if you treat the housemaid badly, she will take it out on the babies – which is very sad and tragic – and unfair and unjustified – especially if you are a Mother yourself and have left others to care for your children back home. Remember – what goes around; comes around!

However, having said all that – My heart went out to the baby being punished for no reason and being left out in the bathroom (wet and naked) alone where most accidents happen. What a shame to see mothers leaving their children being looked out by such cruel cutting housemaids. Whenever I bring this subject to our children and their peers – the retort remains the same – who taught us but you?

Incidentally,  I know of many cases of decent ladies that had left their jobs – even Senior paying ones – to go back home and to ensure that it is only them that are looking after their kids. Once the kids are grown up and can speak and or fend for themselves they go back to work. Alhamdulillah (God Is Merciful) that in itself was a great endowment and blessing to the family.

My personal outlook is – and I always say it – do not have babies if you do not have the time and love for them.  If only women would stay home more and look after their children all these things would have been avoided. It would be nice to see the Government stipulating a law like the one in Holland where the mothers stay home until the kids are old enough to go to school and then they can resume their jobs. With this trend of women living their homes many children suffer in the hands of cruel maids – and so many incidents of child cruelty. 

The same like we punish and penalize those who abuse housemaids in our homes – even more should be done to housemaids who abuse our children left to their care – and there is simply no justification and correlation of penalizing the poor babies left under your care – because you were mistreated! Where is the logic and humanity in this?

I advise parents to pay odd surprise visits – or arrange with trusted others to do this – and change your working patterns. Utilise your lunch breaks to go back home. Grannies leave for Early Retirement options (or work from home or part time employment) to watch on your children and or grandchildren – Grannies help your sons and daughters too! And Madam CEOs, Directors – remember to strike a balance between work and home (the same goes to the men!).

If you ask me – there could be more trust, confidence, empowerment and the key word – Delegation. Do not want to do everything yourself only – or you trust no one. And install secretly CCT – Closed Circuit Television to monitor the housemaids and the houseboys – and even the gardener and driver too. We need to take care and be watchful – we have many crazy weirdos amongst our midst. More importantly to treat the housemaids correctly and ethically – and this to overflow to the children! 

May Allah God Save and Protect us. – Amin. Take Care!