The General Teaching Philosophy

Dr. V. Raghu Raman

The foremost quality for teaching is, an Individual must have passion for teaching and it is self learned with constant practice. The most  important components of effective teaching is a  thorough preparation, continuous evolution of teaching skills, and the pleasure of watching students learn. The ultimate goal for the teacher is to communicate new information to students, not just memorizing facts, but also to learn how to think. In my teaching experience the efficient learning by students consists of a   formal leacture  and informal discussion with students coupled with knowledge sharing and knowledge acquiring.

For example when teaching the introductory courses, the lecturers should be strong with subject knowledge also related examples depending upon the level of the students. To gain trust from students the teachers mast have passion not only for the teaching bust also on the subject.

The students are not always happy by asking questions, at the same time answers should not be given immediately. Instead the teachers should act as a facilitator. In my experience, if students are simply given an answer, they are not forced to go through any thought processes to figure out the problem. However, when asking them questions in response to theirs, they can be lead along a line of thought where they work through the answer themselves, with some assistance in trajectory. Students feel satisfaction for working through the problem, and for effectively teaching themselves the answer. For each session give the glimpse or review the previous lessons taught and make them to recapitulate and understand the material.

The favorite teaching experience of me is, I have been able to integrate both lecturing and discussion components in a single sitting. During the case study analysis method , separate groups will be formed and  students work together to answer the questions. When new questions arise, I instruct them to ask each other so that everyone is part of the learning process. When the tough questions cannot be answered , it is now my task to do some lecturing, and help them sift through the material.  

The teaching philosophy differs from person to person and all the teachers should focus and contribute for the growth of the students. Eve though different gadgets are used for effective teaching , ultimately the students should gain not only as a part of academic standards but also hey should be equipped the up date and up to date  knowledge and they are the future captains of the industry.

To conclude enthusiasm in teaching leads to enthusiasm to learn by the students The enthusiasm coupled with instructions allow the students not only to meet their educational goals but also enjoy and cherish their stay during the learning process.