KnowledgeOman.com Attracts Multinational Volunteer Team

KnowledgeOman.com, the country’s leading community knowledge-based project, has managed to successfully bring together a diverse team of local and expatriate male and female living in Oman under one roof to support the vision of His Majesty the Sultan Qaboos of creating a knowledge based society. KnowledgeOman.com team further aims to develop the mission by engaging closely with organizations in the country to bridge the gap with the community, coming together for the nation’s development.

Tariq Al Barwani, Founder and President of KnowledgeOman.com, said, “We have created a unique diverse team portfolio, attracting citizens and residents from different age groups, experiences and interests to join the effort of working together for a knowledge society. Everyday is a new day for us, and sky is the limit on where we aim to be in the future.”

KnowledgeOman.com is driven by over 66 team members, from students to professionals in both the private and public sector, and a diverse range of nationalities from Omani, various Arab countries, Europe, India, Pakistan, Philippines and more. All team members come together as volunteers serving the community, with more than 9,000 registered members in the portal.

“KnowledgeOman.com’s culture supports talent, encourages innovation and promotes learning. We continue as a result to attract more team members that strengthen various community ties” added Rym Aoudia, Head of Community and Media Affairs at KnowledgeOman.com.

KnowledgeOman.com leads a range of initiatives from online to community-based. This includes the first bilingual video sharing platform OmanVideos.com, the first bilingual social network platform OmanWall.com that connects members together, free educational community seminars where academic and professionals industry speakers attend to present their knowledge and experience to the public, community speaks section for writers and columnist to share their views and knowledge online, electronic library hosting knowledge books, electronic school offering classes and courses online, and talent-driven events on a periodical basis. Ties have been made with reputable entities, including Microsoft and other government bodies such as the ITA, and have associated with Tawasul, Dar Al Attaa, Omani Women Association and Emax to name a few for enriching the community with knowledge.

Khalfan Al Mahrazy, Vice President of KnowledgeOman.com, said, “The achievements at KnowledgeOman.com are due to the great team we have in place today. This has attained both local and international recognition for various activities we do online through the internet and offline through different on ground activities”

KnowledgeOman.com has attained an award winning status the Global Brand Leadership Award for its community projects and also won the international standard web technology award for its online presence.

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