KnowledgeOman.com Awards Community Creativity

KnowledgeOman.com, the leading community and knowledge-based project , has awarded its members for their photography and video production in line with its mission to support and celebrate community’s talent. Led by the Online Project Manager at KnowledgeOman.com, Maryam Al Alawi, the top winners Johnson Gurrea , Ibrahim Sameeh Saleem, and Afaf Cherif were awarded as part of a recent creative and knowledge based competition hosted online seeking the most original participations. This featured photography portraits, landscapes, urban scenes and educational videos.

Maryam Al Alawi, Online Project Manager at KnowledgeOman.com says, “At KnowledgeOman.com, our aim is to bring forward and recognize talent with the competitions we introduce, while encouraging community to engage in knowledge-sharing conversations. There’s talent and innovation within each of us, and with the right environment this talent flourishes.”

The member Johnson Gurrea was awarded with his photography entries that reflected national themes of the country’s development and unique heritage. Ibrahim Sameeh Saleem produced a series of tutorial videos to further share his knowledge with the community. The member Afaf Cherif produced videos merging the art of graphic design in sharing learning and information.

The creative-based competition was also established to encourage the use of ICT in connecting, exchanging and sharing knowledge. The photography entries encouraged member participations and the community to vote with online discussions. The video entries promoted in OmanVideos.com, being KnowledgeOman.com’s first bilingual video-sharing platform, highlighted the benefits of community-led video productions.

KnowledgeOman.com, established in April 2008, periodically hosts a variety of competitions and quizzes to promote knowledge and talent in the country while making learning fun. KnowledgeOman.com is led by a diverse team of volunteers from various backgrounds and nationalities with a range of initiatives from online to community-based, set to ‘connect communities with knowledge’.