KnowledgeOman.com Introduces Platform to Explore Issues on Bridging Cultural Divides

KnowledgeOman.com, the leading community and knowledge sharing platform in the Sultanate, is launching an innovative community seminar on the topic of Bridging Cultural Divides to explore cultural issues among the youth in Oman and various nationalities, scheduled for April 14th 2011 from 10am to noon in Al Walee Building Seeb with registrations now open for the public. This is in line with the free community seminars initiative by KnowledgeOman.com to help lead a knowledge society by bringing together students, professionals, researchers, and experts to engage on relevant topics, exchange learning, and promote community development.

Nashat Al Riyami, Project Developer at KnowledgeOman.com, says, “Bringing education closer to the community is among our priority at KnowledgeOman.com. We are pleased to build awareness and share knowledge among the people in Oman, especially in this fast changing world. We also aspire for the seminars to encourage applied knowledge and positive difference making in the country.”

The Bridging Cultural Divides seminar is bringing together a variety of panelist speakers of six individuals from Oman and abroad, including exchange students in collaboration with the World Learning Center. The panelists are set to engage on their personal experiences and perspectives, with experts speaking on issues of culture, differences, and common grounds. Facilitated by the prominent master of ceremonies, Jamal Al Asmi, the seminar introduces an activity-based approached throughout the discussions.

Jamal Al Asmi, Facilitator of the seminars at KnowledgeOman.com, adds, “Today we have a growing multi-cultural society here in Oman and it’s important we learn to appreciate and celebrate our cultural differences. This event is about getting us thinking more about how we can come together on common terms and better accept our differences. It’s about raising the awareness of the matter and to start a conversation and hopefully some positive action. We are bringing together a melting pot of thoughts, ideas, and feelings on how to start thinking about the issue of cultural divide. Our hope is to address questions on what culture is, is there a divide, and ultimately what we can do to begin to address it.”

The KnowledgeOman.com seminars are a free open platform for all community members. It is established for the development of the nation and the people, both locals and residents alike. Registrations to attend are now open atwww.knowledgeoman.com/seminar. All community members are welcome to contribute to this knowledge driven platform.

As part of the KnowledgeOman.com community seminars initiatives, previous seminars included the topic of Knowledge Economy engaging on potential ways and areas of developing an innovative knowledge based economy in the Sultanate. Various participants contributed to the discussion and shared their perspectives around sustaining the economy through new technology, business strategies and the great opportunities that the Sultanate can build from innovative solutions. This is in addition to a seminar on Omani Women as Leaders in Sustainability, in collaboration with the Omani Women Association of Seeb, tackling issues in Omani women leadership and engaging the public to get involved in ways that can empower women’s status for the betterment of the country.

Since establishment in April 2008, KnowledgeOman.com is committed to the mission of connecting communities with knowledge through a diverse volunteer team with a variety of online and offline activities that serve the vision of a knowledge society.