Open Dialogue on Legislative Powers


An Open Dialogue on Legislative Powers is organized by Tawasul on Monday 4th April 2011 (8pm) at the Cultural Club. This dialogue is an attempt to draw practical lessons from the dynamic discussions in the country regarding public participation and the role of Parliament.

 With the presence of Hon. Jack Buechner  and  Judge David Minge, former Members of U.S Congress, who are participating in the Legislative Fellows Program, which links community leaders  in a two-way exchange that strengthens mutual understanding of the legislative and policymaking processes in Oman and U.S.  

Khalid Al Haribi, Managing Director of Tawasul will be moderating the session. The speakers will define the concepts, the ideas and way forward of legislative bodies with a focus on Majlis A’Shura upcoming elections. Asma Al Jandal, Tawasul’s Management Officer pointed that “The goals of this dialogue is firstly, to learn the practical lessons and secondly it permits to Civil Society to play a role in institutionalizing the Public Discussions”.
The dialogue will be ended by a Questions and Answers Session that will allow an interaction between the participants and the public.This is part of Civil Society activities, whose further information can be found in tawasul.co.om.