Dealing With Staff Issues!


Dealing With Staff Issues!


Those who are my avid Readers will recall that I have written so much and many times on these themes with even from May 2003 – that is eight 8 years ago – titled ‘Here Cometh The Big Boss’.

I do not see any harm and or issue in writing about it all over again!

I was coming out from this wedding function at the Masjid (Mosque) when this old colleague of mine I used to work with sidles to me and asks me what I am doing now job-wise. Thinking that he may have a human resources management job or project to offer me I candidly reply him – nothing much!  I told him – very much at home doing my next tell-all book that will spring me to fames and fortunes – or bring a nasty quick end to my writing career and focus now in my life.

That in addition to spending time on my blogs – and though I have tried hard to keep away from writing on rather ‘sensitive issues’ here in my blogs – but events and life have caught up with me. Thanks to the Television News channel blaring from morning to midnight – with just a few hours in between after lunch for the siesta!

So he tells me – good for you! You have not missed much – all the sagas and the dramas the same incidents,  characters,  individuals, personalities and cases continue unabated – if not more worse than ever before – especially with now due to the dire economic scenarios it is all a jungle out there – and dog eat dog syndromes all out there.

 I wanted to break in humour here to say that who had coined the phrase needs his head examined – because dogs are not known to eat other dogs on their own – unless they have been butchered first by human beings! He was talking to me quietly because he suspected his boss there too was watching us intently – and wanting I am sure to know what we were talking about – since I too left at short notice ‘seeing how bad things were there! – Human Resources or not!

But I saw he was really cool and collected and I have to learn to hear and listen more as I keep preaching always – so I kept quiet and he started telling me things that even I supposed to know and have seen so many bad things and experiences – or always suspected existed – was a great shocker to me even. I then almost shouted to his ears – where are the Staff Committees and all those Company Policies and Procedures Guide that existed based on The Country’s Labour Laws?

So he snidely cuts in – yes that you got correct – it is only a Guide – not a thing that you must follow but in the final analysis the path you chose to follow will depend on the type of powerful 4-wheeler you have – and whether to go to Saih Dhabi using the usual tarmac road – or use it instead through the Jebel (mounts) and valleys is to your choice – or how to interpret in their applications is left to you depending on the case – or who is in front of you!

Then he shocked me the more – You know there are still problems to implement the new Ministry of Manpower instructions on Minimum Wages – they and so many others are ‘still debating’ on how and whether to implement them – can you imagine? This is the Big Problem now – everyone is that powerful and overconfident!

I am supposed not to eat Halwa (sweat meat) being diabetic (the sweet nice lady Doctor had cautioned me – you can just taste a little if you feel the urge is too much to bear!) – Instead I thanked him for giving me an excuse to ‘sweeten myself’! – if you will excuse the pun!

A long time ago I was going to the Post Office and I met this Indian gentleman crying profusely and uncontrollably and he gave me this letter to read when I asked him what was the matter – first thinking it was bad news from home and somebody had died. He was a Senior person in the Company having worked for several years indeed. The note was very cruel cutting and brief.

It just said – Due to the current economic environment and lack of business prospects and volume (I had always thought it was linked to audio and radio!) – We regret to inform you that – date and day – will be the last day of your services with us. Please hand over …. and the usual rigmaroles!

The poor man said to me – only six months ago I bought a new car – and they all know it. I have sent my children abroad for studies – what will happen to them now. But actually taking the biscuit (biscuit?) – They inform this way through a plain letter in the Post Office – and after all this time together this is how they treat me? Don’t they have decency and courtesy to tell me in a better format and face to face – instead of a cowardice way like this? Then he broke out crying again…

Like I have always said here in my columns and in my books too – Staff are the most important resource in any establishment. Treat staff rightly correctly ethically transparently and professionally – and they will amaze you. Treat them differently they become your Ambassador to the outside  world – and more importantly straight to your customers, clients – and The Competition!

Be guided accordingly! Take Care!