Time To Say Goodbyes

Time To Say Goodbyes

You will forgive me for being very skeptical and cynical lately – you see it is not only that  old age is starting to creep in – but also my wonder, amazement, shock  and awe of the strange and crude human nature and behaviours that have gotten the better of me also lately!

As a kid I remember this story very well. It is the story of The Boy and the Bear. It is a story of two kids playing in the forest. Suddenly a bear appears. One is seen running fast up a tree without informing the other about the bear. Too late the other boy ‘plays dead’ and the bear came sniffing all over the body of the boy – and especially near his head. Then the bear walks away. The other boy – seeing now it is safe – comes down from the tree trying to snigger and laugh it off! He asks the boy – What did the bear tell you? The boy replies – The bear told me to be careful in choosing my friends – because a friend in need is a friend indeed!

Recently I got really emotional and touched to write that An Open Letter To The Youth of Oman. It did go well with many people who came out in support! Actually once I am convinced that what I am doing is right, correct, ethical and even professional of me to do so – nothing will stop me!

I also got a lot of support mail from many Expatriates too for writing the article – both in my emails and in my website (or at least they sounded expatriates!). I was also very touched to see many of them marching with Omanis in The Loyalty March. I shed a tear or two – especially to see the ladies too in!

Do not get me wrong! But you will forgive me for saying my bit now! I have a lot of Expatriate friends and some of them I can share my most intimate and personal feelings and thoughts that I would not even share with a family and relative. But I am also a very realistic and practical person – and having been known to be very blunt in calling ‘a spade as a spade’ – and will tell you the ugly truth even if it may hurt you – or you do not want to hear it either! It is a-two way traffic for me too – for those who know me well can vouch on what I am saying here!

A friend is one who sticks with you through ‘thick and thin’ – and does not go into panic buying or selling off stock – or withdrawing all cash – at the first sign of troubles! Or abandoning you when you need him at the most!  They are not simply ‘fair weather friends’ – who abandon you at the first signs of troubles!

I also watch how ‘friends’ quickly came in when the outcome was clear for ‘The New Found Love’ for the aspiring for freedom first with Tunisians, then Egyptians and now Libyans! Where were they forty years ago when there was no such found love? I watched the scenes of ‘people abandoning the sinking ships’ at the first signs of troubles! I also watch on the other side ‘also expressing their love’ – whilst they are clearly mean and tough on their very own peoples!

I remember my late father when we were watching scenes of people ‘abandoning Kuwait’ after The Iraq Invasion. The good old man saw my worried look – he said to me sort of telepathically – Do not worry son! They will all come back after the first signs that everything is now going back to normal. And when it happened he said to me – I told you so son! Did I not?

And then I ask myself this big fundamental and big question. The Poor Palestinians! Nobody loves them! They have been by-passed and forgotten – perhaps not to upset ‘The Only Democracy’ in Israel! Don’t they deserve the same new found love too? What is wrong with peoples? The hypocrisies and double standards (if not triple!) are starring all of us right in the face – including those in ‘glass houses now throwing stones’ too!

Like I have always said from the 1970s – there is nothing like putting your own people first and foremost – leaving the destiny, fate, future and prospects to your own peoples first and foremost only. If even here you can get still people who can forget that easily – or too that may want to abandon ship – can you not forgive the expatriates for wanting to do the very same?

Now can you understand why I am that much sad, worried and concerned – and very much sceptical and cynical now?

Let us hope and pray for wisdom, pragmatism, tact and diplomacy – Amin Amen. Take Care!

© Majid Al Suleimany