KnowledgeOman.com Spreads Awareness on Cultural Understanding

KnowledgeOman.com, the leading knowledge-based community platform in Oman, brought together a group of panelists and expert speakers from various backgrounds and nationalities to uniquely explore issues of culture, cultural divide and how gaps may be bridged among various cultures within Oman and internationally. The seminar, held in Al Walee Building Seeb, is in line with the free community seminars initiative of KnowledgeOman.com enabling the exchange of knowledge towards community development.

The Bridging Cultural Divide seminar, organized by KO members Nashat Al Riyami and Jamal Al Asmi, welcomed speakers Sheikh Khalfan Al Esry, Faris Al Hajry and Stephanie Dahl, along with panelists Nawaf Al-Yarubi, Ahmed Al Issaie, Dalia Al Hassani, Natalie Stewart, Tailki Sawabe and Ethan Manthey. Facilitated by Jamal Al Asmi in an engaging and innovative approach, the seminar kicked-off with a brainstorming session among the audience and the panelists, discussing the main building blocks of culture. The Omani panelists then presented their perspectives on what shapes their cultures along with the international panelists comparing different cultures and misconceptions held.

The seminar speakers added a solution-based perspective, sharing their knowledge and experience on the concept of culture, identity, and common values. Sheikh Khalfan Al-Esry, an international self-development and management expert, highlighted that there are no good and bad cultures, just different ones. Once this is understood and embraced the divide is crossed. Sheikh Khalfan’s presentation was unifying and engaging, with personal experiences of his travels shared and reflection on studying culture.

Faris Al-Hajry, theorist on Wellbeing and well versed in the understanding of Cultural Harmony, with two books authored “Values of Well Being and its Secrets” and the “Miracles and Wonders of Hot Water”, noted that there are three things to unite us: faith, body composition and dreams. Understanding that we come together on these common terms and that every human has value can bridge the divide.

Adding to the diversity of experiences shared, Stephanie Dahl, a Fulbright Scholar and a journalist for Forbes Magazine, spoke about her travels from the United States to Oman as a great eye-opener. A number of her pre-conceptions have been challenged and nearly every day she learned something new about the Omani Culture as she grew to love the country through the awareness gained and the nature of the people here. The seminar concluded by uniting the panelists to come together through common understanding and welcomed audience interaction with the participants.

The KnowledgeOman.com seminars held on a periodic basis are part of the many initiatives launched to spread knowledge in the country and empower the community. Established in April 2008, KnowledgeOman.com is a platform that connects people in the community to create, share and promote knowledge through online-based and community driven initiatives.