Dr.V.Raghu Raman


Communication is the heart of every organisation. Everything you do in the workplace results from communication. Therefore good reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are essential if you want to achieve the goal. As you develop your career you will find various reasons why successful communication skills are important to you, for example:

1. To secure an interview.

When you write a covering letter or Resume there should not be any mistake and that makes the HR personnel to call for an interview .Even though good grads and marks, mistakes in the letter causes for rejection to call interview.

2. To get the job.

You have to communicate well during your interview and sell yourself and get the job you want.

3. To do your job well.

You will need to request information, discuss problems, give instructions, work in teams, interact with colleagues and clients. If you want to achieve your goal in the work place , co-operation and effective teamwork, good human relations skills are essential. As the workplace is  becoming more global, there are many factors to consider and communication is  vital  in such a diverse environment.

4. To advance in your career.

Employers want staff  who can think for themselves, take  initiatives and solve problems, staff who are interested in the long-term success of the company. If you are to be seen as a valued member of the organisation, it is important not just to do your job job well, but also to communicate your thoughts well on how the processes and products or services can be improved.

Benefits of effective communication

The most successful organisations understand that if they are to be successful in today’s business world, good communication at all levels is essential. Here is a useful mnemonic to remember the benefits you and your organisation can achieve from effective communication:

S tronger decision-making and problem-solving
U pturn in productivity
C onvincing and compelling corporate materials
C learer, more streamlined work flow
E nhanced professional image
S ound business relationships
S uccessful response ensured

Remember: Today’s workplace is constantly changing, so learn more about effective communication that will help us to adapt to our changing environment.